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10 Eastern Montana hikes


Many people in Eastern Montana want to get outside and hike or explore new places but don’t always know where to go. This list highlights guided hikes in Montana Wilderness Association’s Wilderness Walks program.

Some hikes are focused especially on kids or are easier, while there are some pretty intense peak bagging hikes that more adventurous folks would be interested in.

1. Headquarters Pass

Sunday, Aug. 9

When I first moved to Montana from Idaho, I compared this great state to Wyoming, then Alaska, then California (relax, just Lake Tahoe), then Alaska again. And then I realized — that’s just Montana: It’s all those places in one. Headquarters pass is one of the incredible places in Montana made up of all the great things about everywhere else. On this hike, you’ll get views into the Bob for miles, you’ll stand right next to Rocky Mountain Peak (the highest around), and gaze down on wilderness and wildlife. Do we even have to talk you into it? Didn’t think so.

Meeting spot is at the Choteau Visitor Center in Choteau at 8:30am. Register here:

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City races get hot


At least two people running for seats on the Billings City Council said they received harassing phone calls from a former council candidate, and one of the current candidates said the caller told him he was wasting his time and should drop out of the race.

The caller, Brian Kenat, said he is active in Republican and Tea Party politics and was only trying to find out where the candidates stood on various issues, and he denied advising anyone to end his candidacy.

Even without those fireworks, this is shaping up to be an unusually lively City Council election. At the close of filing on Friday, 19 candidates were running for five seats on the 11-person council, triggering what will be the first city primary in a non-mayoral-race year since 2003. (Look for details at the end of this story.)

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High court cites local

 On a visit to the National Constitution Center, Peter Miller draped an arm around a statue of Elbridge Gerry, who, as governor of Massachusetts in 1812 signed a bill to redistrict the state in a way that benefited his party. One of the controlled districts in Boston resembled a salamander, resulting in the coinage “gerrymander.”

It seems everybody in the country has been talking about last week’s Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage and Obamacare, but you can’t fault Peter Miller for focusing on a more obscure ruling that came down Monday.

In a 5-4 decision, the high court ruled that the voters of Arizona had the constitutional right to create an independent redistricting commission, taking the power of drawing congressional district maps away from the state Legislature.

On the eighth page of her 35-page majority opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited an article written by Miller, a 2002 graduate of Billings Senior High School who earned a doctorate in political science from the University of California, Irvine, in 2013.

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‘Tragic City’ set to host AlternaCon

By STEPHEN DOW - For The Outpost

When you think of Billings, Stormtroopers, Ghostbusters and anime may not be the first things that come to mind. However, Brit Lindell - the director of the upcoming Tragic City AlternaCon - hopes that will soon change.

“I want this event to be something that puts Billings on the map, so to speak,” Lindell said. “I hope that eventually people will be coming across the country to visit our con just like they do in San Diego.”

However, Lindell was quick to point out that the AlternaCon – which will be held July 10-12 at the Shrine Auditorium - will be different from other cons across the country.

“It is a different take on the Comic Con,” Lindell said. “I purposefully tried to make it different because we live in such an isolated area that I knew we’d never have enough people attend if we relegated it entirely to the world of comic books. So I worked to grab people from all of the different types of fandom so that they could all be represented and find something to enjoy … . We purposefully tried to fit everybody’s tastes in here somewhere.”

Some kind of radical

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