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Alex Nauman Trio +3 goes vinyl

By SCOTT PRINZING - For The Outpost

Kickstarter supporters of the Alex Nauman Organ Trio should be very pleased to see and hear their very own 180 gram, 100 percent virgin vinyl, 12-inch copy of “Too Damn Tight!” The band is ready to unleash its labor of love to the public during an album release show at the Garage Pub this Saturday night.

The trio of guitarist Alex Nauman, organist Erik Olson and drummer Brad Edwards have been playing regularly for the past few years. They recorded the seven songs on the long-playing record at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo.; along with musical friends Ben Johns on saxophones, Matt Smiley on bass and Gy Moody on percussion (comprising the “+3” added to the trio’s name on the album).

Rather than release it on CD or as a digital download, they decided to go retro with a vinyl album. Since their music is inspired by ’60s soul, jazz and gospel pioneers like Kenny Burrell, Ray Charles, Grant Green, Ivan “Boogaloo” Jones and Stanley Turrentine, it seems like a nice tip o’ the hat.

The band utilized to fund the project this past summer, initially asking for fans to preorder copies and/or donate to their goal of $1,600. Once that was met, they set an additional goal of $3,000, surpassing it by $200 with 89 supporters.

Suggested pledging levels ranged from $5 (earning the donor one MP3 track from the album) to $1,600 (rewarded by everything from an executive producer credit, free house concert and naming rights for one song on the album!).

No one had deep enough pockets for that honor, but the largest group gave at the $25 level (receiving both vinyl and digital copies). Surprisingly, no one donated more than $100 (even though a $250 donation would received a lot of fun swag, including “a night with Brad Edwards!” Drum lessons, perhaps?.

So, how does it all sound? Crisp, clean and boppin’! While Nauman and Olson are the stars of the show, everyone in the band gets an opportunity to shine a time or two. All the tracks are original, written or co-written by Nauman or Olson, with contributions by Parker Brown and Steve Brown.

“Papa Shark” is one of the most memorable melodies on this album, so it’s no wonder it is the lead track. The other numbers include “Brown Food,” “Gospel #1,” “New New Boobaloo,” “Red Bottle Green Cap,” “Grease Piece” and “Last Call at the Bow.”

The record won Album of the Year at The Billings Outpost’s 2012 Magic City Music Awards. The voting academy must all have had advance copies, as the album hadn’t even been pressed at the time of the event.

The recording was handled by Monte Nickles at NWC, mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios in New York City, cut at Aardvark Mastering in Denver, pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville; and brought all the way back to Billings.

The show will be at 5 p.m. at Yellowstone Valley Brewing’s Garage Pub, on Saturday, Dec. 22. There is a $7 cover charge ($5 for Kickstarter donors).

Up-and-coming all-girl band Maxie Ford will open the show, so be sure to get there early; it’s certain to be standing room only.

Want a copy of the LP but don’t have a turntable anymore? Studio Sky Audio will be giving one away; you must be present to win. For more information, visit

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