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Listings are for July 31 to Aug. 6 and are subject to change. Movies begin at dark each night at the Amusement Park Drive-In. For times at the Vue and Brew in Laurel,  go to or call 633-4438. Figures in parentheses show the number of weeks the movie has played in Billings. All times are p.m., unless otherwise noted.

Ant-Man (3): Yes, it’s another Marvel Comics superhero coming to the big screen, but with affable Paul Rudd in the lead role, this movie plays all that saving the world business mostly for laughs. The plot may be the same ol’ same ol, but here it at least shrinks to ant-size proportions. PG13. Wynnsong 10 at 1, 4, 7 and 9:50. Shiloh 14 at 1, 4, 7 and 10.

Gallows (4): A high school student is accidentally hanged during a school play. Twenty years later, the school decides to stage the play again. What could possibly go wrong? Hint: This is a horror movie. Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing (Stage Fright) wrote and directed.  R. Shiloh 14 at 1:30 and 10. Also at Amusement Park Drive-In.

Inside Out (7): In this animated Pixar film, a girl has to move with her father to a new job in San Francisco. Her emotions, voiced by such actors as Amy Poehler, Lewis Black and Bill Hader, struggle to adjust inside the headquarters of her brain. Critics are calling it one of Pixar’s best. PG. Shiloh 14 at 12:15, 2:50, 5:25 and 8. Wynnsong 10 at 12:45, 3:20, 6:55 and 9:20.

Insidious: Chapter 3 (5): Leigh Whannell, who helped create this horror series, wrote and directed this episode. It’s a prequel in which a psychic (Lin Shaye) attempts to contact the dead to help a girl (Stefanie Scott) threatened by supernatural forces. PG13. Amusement Park Drive-In.

Jurassic World (8): Dinosaurs are cloned for human entertainment for the fourth time in this series. Surely nothing will go wrong this time. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio star. PG13. Shiloh 14 in 3D at 2:25 and 7:45 and in 2D at 1, 4, 7 and 10. Wynnsong 10 in 2D at 12:45, 4, 7 and 9:50.

Minions (4): This animated comedy serves as a sort of prequel to the Despicable Me movies, focusing on the lovable lackeys who in this movie get involved with Scarlet Overkill, an evil villain voiced by Sandra Bullock. Perhaps the rest of the film makes more sense than that sentence. PG. Shiloh 14 in 3D at noon and 5:20 and in 2D at 11:30 a.m., 1:55, 4:20, 6:45 and 9:10. Wynnsong 10 in 2D at noon, 2:25, 4:50, 7:15 and 9:40. Also at Vue and Brew in Laurel.

Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation (opening): This durable franchise, based on a durable TV series and with durable star Tom Cruise (now 53), is back for another critically welcomed entry. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg return, and newcomers Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson and Jeremy Renner join in. Director Christopher McQuarrie wrote the scripts for The Usual Suspects, which sets a high bar. PG13. Shiloh 14 in Big D format at 11:50 a.m., 3:10, 6:30 and 9:50 and also at 12:30, 3:50, 7:10 and 10:30. Wynnsong 10 at noon, 3:25, 7 and 10:05. Also at Amusement Park Drive-In and at Vue and Brew in Laurel.

Paper Towns (2): This film, based on a novel by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars), is about a teenager (Cara Delevingne) who disappears after an all-night adventure, leaving clues behind for her neighbor (Nat Wolff) to follow. Reviews have been generally favorable, with most critics finding this a fresh take on the coming-of-age tale. PG13. Shiloh 14 at noon., 2:45, 5:30 and 8:15. Wynnsong 10 at 1:30, 4:15, 7:20 and 10.

Pixels (2): In this animated comedy, aliens from outer space mistake video feeds of old arcade games as an invasion from Earth and launch a preemptive attack using such characters as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede and Space Invaders. Warning: Voices include Adam Sandler, who also co-wrote the script. PG13. Shiloh 14 in 3D at noon, 2:40, 5:20 and 8 and in 2D at 12:10., 2:50, 5:30 and 8:10. Wynnsong 10 in 3D at 4:15 and 7:15 and in 2D at 1:10 and 10. Also at Vue and Brew in Laurel.

Southpaw (2): Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boxing champion who is devastated after his wife (Rachel McAdams) is killed when she is caught in the crossfire of a gunfight. His career deteriorates, he loses custody of his daughter, and his house is foreclosed on. Can a new trainer (Forest Whitaker) help? It’s predictable stuff, redeemed by first-rate performances. R. Shiloh 14 at 1, 4, 7 and 10. Wynnsong 10 at 12:10, 3:15, 7 and 10.

Spy (9): In this unlikely comedy, Melissa McCarthy (Identity Thief) teams up again with writer and director Paul Feig to play a CIA analyst who goes underground to prevent global disaster. But critics find it hilarious and a tremendous display of Ms. McCarthy’s considerable talents. R. Shiloh 14 at 4 and 7.

Sunshine Superman (2): This documentary is about Car Boenish, a pioneer in foot-launched human flight whose world record in BASE-jumping was quickly followed by disaster. The film relies on 16mm archive footage, plus reenactments and aerial photography. Art House Cinema and Pub at 3:30 and 8:15 on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday and at 3:30 on Thursday.

Terminator Genisys (5): If you have seen the previews, you may get the feeling that this is a movie you have already seen. In some ways, it is. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67, plays the Terminator, and he’s not the only thing in this film showing its age. Optimistically, the producers see this as the first episode in a new trilogy for the long-running series. PG13. Amusement Park Drive-In on Friday and Saturday only.

Trainwreck (3): In this Judd Apatow-directed comedy, Amy Schumer (who also wrote the script) plays a writer who sleeps around a lot and drinks too much. Then she finds herself falling for one of the subjects of a story (Bill Hader) and begins to consider a more conventional life. As you might expect, crude humor abounds. R. Shiloh 14 at 1, 4, 7 and 10. Wynnsong 10 at 12:30, 3:35, 7 and 10.

Vacation (opening): This follow-up to National Lampoon’s Vacation has the Chevy Chase character’s son (Ed Helms) taking his wife (Christina Applegate) and kids on a trip back to Walley World. The usual mishaps ensue, along with the usual crude humor and occasional belly laughs. R. Shiloh 14 at noon, 2:30, 5, 7:30 and 10. Wynnsong 10 at 1:15, 4:10, 7:20 and 9:50.

When Marnie Was There (opening): Based on a novel by Joan G. Robinson, this is the second feature film by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (The Secret World of Arrietty). It’s about a girl from a foster home who spends a summer shutting out everyone around her until she meets an unusual friend, Marnie. PG. Art House Cinema and Pub at 5:45 on Friday, Wednesday and Thursday and at 1:15 and 5:45 on Saturday.

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