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Obamacare threatens Montana

In a time when Montana is struggling to balance its budget, there is a surprise awaiting our state Legislature, Obamacare. Many people don’t understand the costs associated with implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including our senators; let me inform them.

According to Obamacare, the way to insure the uninsured is to incorporate them into the Medicaid program. If you are not familiar with Medicaid, it is a joint venture between the state and the federal governments to provide healthcare to the poor.

Currently, the Medicaid program takes up roughly 27 percent of Montana’s entire state budget. But the real problem arises in the coming years when approximately 84,000 new people will be added to the state program under the new law; the total price tag is $175.2 million. With Montana already in a struggle to tighten its belt, in order to restrain spending and balance its budget, Obamacare poses a real threat to our state’s economic future. It seems that our senators have left us out in the cold once again.

Dylan Klapmeier



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