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Hoss fire update

Firefighters flew over hot portions of the 790-acre Hoss fire Sunday morning to confirm fire activity and behavior.  “Sunday and Monday are our test days,” said incident commander Randy Pretty On Top. “We are closely directing helicopter bucket drops on remaining hot spots, and wetting areas next to cliffs that would be natural barriers to the fire. It may be that we can hold this fire without too much hazardous attack on the ground.”

Low humidity and wind Sunday and Monday will test remaining hot areas of thick timber.  The burned area is not at all contained, because crews have not been able to safely create firelines. “This thing was asleep for seven days before it woke up.  And it’s been hotter and drier since then.  All it would take is one rolling or torching tree to give us another race,” said Pretty On Top.

Strong winds and lightning with some rain swept the center of the Reservation Sunday at dusk.  Five engines were enroute to smoke reports at 7 p.m.  Weather Monday includes humidities dropping into the teens, with 10 to 20 mph winds.

Three crews and three helicopters are on the Hoss fire.  The local Crow Agency helicopter remains available for support of the Hoss fire and for initial attack of new fires.

People need to remember that fire season was slow in coming this year, but we are in the middle of it.  Crow Fair visitors should take precautions when cooking outside or parking hot cars.  The Tribe has temporarily closed the Reservation Bighorn Mountains to protect public safety.  In Crow, Makawasha Avenue is closed by the Forestry offices, north of Little Big Horn College.


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