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Eye candidates closely

Next year’s elections may seem a long way off, but candidates are gearing up for November 2012. Soon speeches will be made on the campaign trail, and I just wanted to give voters a few things to think about before hitting the polling places.

First, don’t believe all the mail you receive from candidates or special interest groups. As soon as a candidate files for an office, special interest groups send questionnaires asking the candidates to please answer the questions and return the form within a specific date.

And, oh by the way, if the candidate doesn’t respond or responds differently than what is expected, the special interest group informs the candidate that mailers will be sent to all constituents giving said candidate a bad report card.

I’m sure every voter knows how important it is to select a candidate who will work for them, the people. However, sometimes after a candidate is elected, their brain melts and oozes out of their ear, along with any common sense. This gives the elected representative an excuse to do as they please, forgetting they are working for you and no one else.

Just because you know the candidate, that doesn’t make the person right for the position. Choosing a candidate is not a popularity contest, nor does being friends with a candidate make them right for the position.

Just because a candidate knows a lot of people and receives a lot of contributions to pour into the campaign so their name will be in your face, that doesn’t make them right for the position.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You have plenty of time before November 2012 to make an informed decision. Know who you are voting for before stepping into the booth at your polling location. Make sure to check all the facts.

A good example of checking is Herman Cain, who is running for president. Mr. Cain brags about how he made Godfather’s Pizza a success as their CEO. What he hasn’t told you is that he was co-chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas. He doesn’t think the Feds need to be audited because they conduct their own audit. He also thinks a call for the audit is out of ignorance ( Really?

Ask yourself, would you vote for him if you knew this information before the election?

Would you vote for him if you didn’t know this information? Well, the same goes for every candidate who is asking for your vote. Doesn’t matter if it’s at a local level, state level or federal level. Bottom line, make an informed choice. Choose a candidate who is honest. I know that’s a contradiction of terms these days, but honestly is important.

Choose a candidate who has morals, is sincere and has a conscience, believes in and will follow the Constitution, one who believes in their Creator. If a candidate doesn’t believe in their Creator, how can he/she believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights as outlined in the Constitution?

I hope every voter will do this so we can elect a person who will work for us, for our country and the great state of Montana.

Kathy Galbreath



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