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Rehberg fights for Montana

Congressman Denny Rehberg gets it. On his website he says that “Montana’s small businesses are the engine of Montana’s economy. It’s my job to keep taxes low while encouraging the development of new markets both domestically and internationally. Government doesn’t create jobs. People do.”

It seems that our elected officials in Washington have lost touch with his ideas. They believe they can tax and spend their way out of this economic mess. But where has that left us? In one of the deepest recessions since the Great Depression.

But Congressman Rehberg is different. He has been fighting for us Montanans for years. As our congressman he has worked hard to keep taxes low. He increased the child tax credit, removed the marriage penalty, created the 10 percent tax bracket and encouraged investment by reducing capital gains and dividend taxes.

We need a voice like Congressman Rehberg in the Senate. That is why I am asking all Montanans to vote for Denny Rehberg for Senate. He is the only candidate who has the experience and leadership to help lead this country out of the economic mess it is in.

Dylan Klapmeir



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