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We’re losing rights

Only in Montana and some other places I’m afraid ... more of our RIGHTS are being stripped! If you don’t think that our rights are being attacked here are two examples that our government is determined to cut away bit by bit knowing full well that most folks will just “go along” until the point that we have none.

Outrageous, you say? On the small scale the city of Billings is looking at banning “chickens,” yes, hens in the city limits, which I am sure people are using to cut their food bills in these high times of food to feed their families. Come on, city government, is this really a problem?

On a much bigger scale the federal government now wants to strip away our constitutional Second Amendment rights to have and bear arms, citing that it is illegal for anyone holding a medical pot license cannot own or have any firearm. What did someone in government think that someone using this so-called drug is going to go out and shoot up the place? I trust that this will not go over well in the state of Montana and others and that they will be facing all kinds of pending lawsuits in order to fight this.

Maybe they think that people will be out shooting all of the chickens should this be able to stand. Come on, folks, this is literally stupid. Even a chicken has a brain that can figure that out, don’t you think? Surely the government folks don’t!

Michael J. Erickson



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