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Women’s golf needs makeover

When first joining Pryor Creek Golf Club and participating in their Tuesday morning ladies league, a member said, “Just wait until you see your  name in the paper.” Local women’s golf is not about athletic achievement but getting your name in the paper and the results are:

1. An estimated 75 percent of male league club members are men. Why? Men admire athletic achievement and are motivated to practice and improve their skills. Most women golf club members do not. Their membership gives them social status and their name in the paper. I’ve heard resentful remarks such as, “It’s because she practices or she wins all the flag prizes.”

2. There is no local membership support of outstanding local high school women golfers.

3. During league play rules are used to intimidate and discourage new members who are in the process of learning. Most rules apply to amateurs and professionals and give the game order and structure. There are rules that obviously apply to professional golfer because a lot of money is at stake. For example professionals all have caddies to help advise them. Perhaps in a local tournament only one local woman will have a caddie who can advise her. Yet the other women cannot ask for advice from a friendly competitor without both being penalized. When such a rule is used to penalize a competitor in order to intimidate or even win is an example of a very insecure ego; the need to have your name in the paper.

4. Golf clubs have to lure women into many competitions by providing a net reward. This means you happened to have an exceptional partner or played better than your handicap indicated. This only encourages not having to improve your skills or allowing your handicap to be high to have a chance of winning without ever improving.

Humans have the gift of a brain that can achieve a lifetime of learning and a body with which to experience their accomplishments. It is an illusion to believe that you are better because your name is in the paper. You are only better when you continue to mature and mature women are motivated to help others achieve their goals.

Diana Gallardo



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