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Beep: next …. Beep: next …. Beep … . In this computer age you shouldn’t have to wait in line at the county courthouse to buy your license plates.  Rather, the state of Montana should allow you to order your permanent license plate at the “point of sale” from the dealer or car lot when you bought the car.

Auto dealers are now online with the state and authorized to issue the buyer a 40 day temporary sticker. On the sticker is all the pertinent information needed for the permanent license. The dealer has fully identified the purchaser, negotiated the sale (filed a lien when applicable), as well as confirmed that the mandatory liability insurance exists. Private sales or those with unique title situations would, of course, always be welcomed at the courthouse.

County Treasurer Max Lenington and I need your help to make this happen.  We ask that the Department of Motor Vehicles (a division of the State Attorney General Office) make this rule change now. If the law needs changing then the AG should work with the Legislature to make it happen.   Until that time, unfortunately, it will be … Beep … .

James E. Reno

County Commissioner


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