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Moody gets wakeup call

Gy Moody, the charismatic vocalist and conga player for local funk band Funk in the Trunk, whomped and wailed on his drums Friday night to crowds at a street dance outside the Asian Nights Casino.


The next morning, Moody awoke with pressure in his chest. Chalking it up to heartburn from a late night meal, he headed to work, but the pressure in his chest continued to worsen. A concerned coworker sent Moody home, but he stopped at the Good Earth Market to pick up a seltzer, where the pressure in his chest reached an apex, resulting in a heart attack.


“I’ll be known as the guy who had a heart attack at the health food store,” Moody said. A friend of Moody’s and employee of the Good Earth Market, Rachel Guidi, drove him to St. Vincent Healthcare, where doctors installed a stent in his heart, providing support for the artery.


Doctors have told Moody it will be at least two weeks before he can return to a regular routine, and his heart will be monitored for months to come.


For Moody, 48, the heart attack was a wakeup call. He has a family history of heart troubles; his father died from complications of heart disease and diabetes at age 70.


“He never took care of himself,” Moody said. “He thought it would be OK.”


In addition, Moody is a dynamic and intense entertainer, often performing four-hour gigs of riveting sets packed with fast-paced music from the likes of James Brown, Tower of Power and Chicago.


“It’s hard to imagine not pushing like that,” he said. “But there’s been damage to my heart, and I’ll have to pull back.”


Moody plans to slow down his performances, and Funk in the Trunk has canceled its next gig on Aug. 1 at the Rock Pile. Moody plays in Funk in the Trunk and the old-timey music band Spur of the Moment.


He has been playing in local bands, including Battlestar Kramden and Ruckus, since 1996 in Billings. He also played with a funk and soul band while living in Germany.


Moody’s heart attack shocked friends and fellow musicians. While onstage at Saturday’s Concert for a Cause, local rock band Montana Law announced Moody’s heart attack and stable condition, but the collective breath was knocked out of the audience.


The outpouring of support has surprised and “heartened” Moody.


“I’m not the kind of person that accepts compliments that easily,” he said. “It’s astounding, and I’m embarrassed and grateful in ways I cannot express.”


Moody is also grateful for the reality check. “I’ve been committing slow suicide for years,” he said. “This heart attack will change the way I live my life from now on.”


The Rev. Peyton’s back


The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band returns to Billings July 31, performing at the Stillwater Stage in the parking lot adjacent to the McCormick Café. The band first appeared in Billings at 2007’s Magic City Blues festival, and headlined a show at Montana Avenue Live in 2008.


The rural blues band keeps it in the family and features the Rev. Peyton on guitar and washboard, his wife, Breezy Peyton, on washboard, and his brother, Jayme Peyton, on drums. The band is touring in support of a new album, “The Whole Fam Damnily,” releasing Aug. 5.


Local band Firehouse opens the concert, featuring former members of the Longtime Lonesome Dogs John Kemmick, Kevin Oliver and Doug Haberman, as well as Pat Rogers and Randy Wymann. Firehouse can also be seen at Thursday’s Alive After 5.


Like the Rev. Peyton, the newly formed Billings band the Peach Pickers, who open Thursday’s Alive After 5 for Firehouse, also keep it in the family. The Peach Pickers feature brothers (and former Longtime Lonesome Dogs) Ed Kemmick on guitar and John Kemmick on slide guitar, as well as Bob Brown on bass. Bob’s son, Steve Brown (formerly of Tyler Burnett), who recently moved back to Billings from California, will guest perform with the band on guitar and vocals.


John’s daughter, Katy, will also make a guest appearance, singing a song with her father. Matt Rogers (son of Pat and guitarist of the Smokey Lane All-Stars) is also making a guest appearance.


Doing double time, Pat Rogers and John Kemmick perform in both Firehouse and the Peach Pickers.


Foghat canceled


The booking staff at Bones Brewing recently announced the cancelation of the Foghat concert, set for Aug. 1, due to contractual disagreements. Foghat, which was formed in 1971 by former members of the British blues-rock band Savory Brown, Roger Earl and Dave Peverett, gained fame throughout the 1970s for songs such as “Fool for the City,” “Drivin’ Wheel,” “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” and others. The only original member that still plays with the band is the drummer, Roger Earl.


In place of Foghat, Bones Brewing is hosting Localpalooza, an all-ages outdoor concert in the venue’s parking lot from 6-10 p.m. Aug. 1, costing $5 at the gate. Confirmed performers include Jared Stewart, Heard of Turtles?, Loopian Zu and Grudge, though more bands will be added as the event nears.


Full ticket refunds are being issued for Foghat. Call 839-9231 for information.


Appetite for Deception


The Guns and Roses tribute band, Appetite for Deception, performs at the Railyard on Thursday, July 30, beginning at 9 p.m. The show is for 21 and older and will feature local bands.


With a kitschy twist on Guns and Roses’ debut studio album “Appetite for Destruction,” the tribute band embraces all that is Axl and his band mates, from the costumes to the glam rock.


On Friday, local bands Sonic Crown and Grudge take the Railyard’s stage.


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