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Missoula comes to terms with sexual assault



This week, Missoula residents are reading about our community in Jon Krakauer’s book, “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town.” Around the nation, many others are learning about Missoula for the first time as the book hits the shelves and is covered in the news. Whatever your opinion of the book, it graphically demonstrates that sexual assault is a pervasive problem that ruins lives, and that it happens in even the most desirable of communities.

We write together not as a rebuttal to the book but to reinforce the hard work of many, many committed people on our campus and in our city who are working diligently to care for survivors of sexual assault; to bring to justice those who, through due process, are found to commit assault; and to decrease the actual occurrence of sexual assault. Our community’s collective efforts constitute the next chapter in this story, the chapter that demonstrates we have learned from the past and have dedicated ourselves to making our city and our campus even safer.

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