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Music Awards ‘academy’ added


The times they are a changin’ for the beloved Billings music institution The Tuneys.

Originally the brainchild of Outpost alumnus Scott Prinzing, the Tuneys were so named because of Prinzing’s weekly music column, In Tune. But since In Tune left with Prinzing, it makes less sense.

The new moniker is The Magic City Music Awards, but The Outpost will continue to call the awards given out Tuneys out of respect for Prinzing and Billings’ long-running music column.

But the name is just one of many changes. We are moving away from the “best of” moniker for awards, replacing it with “of the year.” This requires that local acts be actively engaging in their craft, doing shows and making albums to be considered.

While reader participation will still be a part of the awards, because of past abuses we cannot consider it an accurate measure.

Instead, a panel of nine local experts will be chosen to act as an “academy.” The public will still vote and will act as a sitting member of the academy with two votes.

Also the awards event itself is being retuned. Only the top tier awards will be announced, and great care will be taken to keep it a well running show.

Only one man has the clout, the youth and the stupidity to take on the monumental task of rebranding Billings’ music awards: local scene aficionado and musical luminary Steve Brown. Brown hales from one of the most capable and amazing musical families in Billings history. Most of the big changes this year have been come out of his brain.

Steve has always liked the Tuneys but is not hesitant to change it into something better.

Steve enlisted a crack team to aid him in his monumental mission. He brought on his buddy Addam John Ostlund, of Flowers from Her fame, to redesign the logo. Over beers at The Railyard, or “Yarders” as Steve calls it, the logo was created and finalized the next day.

During the logo brainstormfest, a friend of Steve’s, Juliet Parks, happened to chime in with a suggestion about how to set up the Garage Pub. Parks had a lot of experience throwing banquets, so Steve immediately brought her on board to help.

Steve also brought on Bryant Mettler, his partner in crime for another of Steve’s projects, the music series Montana After Dark. Mettler will act as a liaison for sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the Montana Music Awards or have any other questions, send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This is all still a work in possess, but stay tuned. We plan on writing regular articles giving you the latest updates.

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