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Prairie Winds adieu

By CAL CUMIN - For The Outpost

It was always such a unique place to go even for those who don’t love the high Montana plains edged faraway by the glistening Beartooth Mountains.

“We’ve got volumes of guest books,” said Jerry Urfer, who with his wife, Fran, owns the Prairie Winds Café here in Molt. “They contain names of people from all the United States plus 48 countries.”

Still, it was tough to make a go of it, even though the Saturday breakfast crowd in good weather often had to wait outside for a seat, the locals mixing with Billings and Laurel people, a few dogs and brightly clad bicyclists.

There were also the ghostly remains of former gas pumps that once stood in front of the old hardware building. It’s all been cleaned up about four times, Jerry says, but the environmental people seem to make a career of it.

“They never tell you it’s finally clean enough. They just give you a letter saying, ‘No further action needed at this time,’” he says.

Try to get a bank loan with that kind of certification. In July another 8,000 cubic feet of soil will be removed. Jerry says maybe he and Fran will have an auction in September or sometime, but in the meantime they’ve got grandkids to visit.

So on this hot early summer Saturday, those who will miss the Prairie Winds Café the most gather with their lawn chairs, sun umbrellas, cameras, kids and dogs to express their appreciation of the small café located where the pavement ends on Highway 302. Several of the young girls from area farms who worked as part-time waitresses still seem to exude a clean innocence as they observe the crowd. Lots of pictures are taken, the backdrop of round grain bins, the now dark café, an old grain elevator, and the big open - all vignettes to collective experiences and the end of an era.

Proceeds from a breakfast-lunch prepared by the Billings Heights Lions Club will help send the Urfers off on a badly needed vacation. Not everyone here eats, but at the end of the day the Lions will have fed 350.

Longtime and multiple instrument player Doug Habermann organized the almost spontaneous event along with Molt residents Bonnie Ziske and Larry Larson.  Portable potties were donated, and the Lions were contacted to provide food.

The bluegrass and country bands that had showed up at the café on Saturday mornings over the 11 years the café operated were contacted. The bands had all benefited from the exposure they got at the breakfast soirees playing for the always appreciative audiences.

Nine bands responded and played one after another continually from 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. in the hot afternoon on an open sound stage pulled into the big lot next to the Molt Community Center. The Unexpected, StringStretchers, Longtime Lonesome Dogs, Spur of the Moment, Southbound, Bluegrass for Breakfast, Song Dog Serenade, Cold Frosty Morning and Highway 302 — the names of the bands as colorful and memorable as a visit to the Prairie Winds.


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