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Clinic conducts exercise

Billings Clinic planned to conduct an emergency cardiac exercise at Rimrock Mall on  Wednesday, Feb. 8.

The exercise involved a patient who has a cardiac episode that requires emergency response. American Medical Response was to be called to assess and stabilize the patient and transport the patient to the hospital.

According to a new release, here were a few of the objectives for this drill:

1. Identify Billings Clinic as the only accredited Chest Pain Center in the community.

2. Link Billings Clinic with EMS and ambulance transport of patients to Billings Clinic for excellent critical care.

3. Provide facts and statistics related to the incidence of heart disease in the United States.

4. Increase awareness of heart disease risk factors in the population.

5. Recognize and identify early signs & symptoms of heart attack.

6. Present ideas to prevent or modify cardiovascular risk.

7. Educate the community on calling 911 promptly - don’t delay more than five minutes before calling for chest pain without relief.

8. Provide the community with take-home information to share with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors.

9. Track and monitor the process from chest pain onset to Cath Lab groin stick or mock balloon time.

10. Use metrics identified to continually improve process and pathway.

Susan Amundson of Billings Clinic’s Chest Pain Center coordinated the event.


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