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www.Twang keeps up its country cooking

By SCOTT PRINZING - For The Outpost

If you like your country music homegrown, “Had It With You!,” the latest release from www.Twang, “Southwest Montana’s most country country western dance band,” should suit you just fine.

This collection of mostly original tunes by Buck Buchanan will turn your living room into a small town honky-tonk for 45 minutes (or more, if you set it on “repeat”!).

Ever since this Gallatin County-based quintet of cowboys’ first album, “Last of the White Hot Rednecks,” I’ve been hoping that some big name artist would record their classic, “Big Hat No Cattle.”

Of course, I’d love to see them get a share of the limelight, but since the big money is in songwriting royalties and mega-tours, it would be a nice way for them to reap some of their long-due harvest.

On “Had it with You!” Buchanan’s songs hold their own against the four cover tunes on the album. The Patsy Cline tribute, “Dear Patsy,” was co-written with Montana’s successful songwriter Kostas and former Montana Rose founding member Kenny Williams. Buchanan’s songwriting is “down-home” in both music and lyrics.

A good example is the chorus to “Y’all Keep Texas,” which reminds those proud Lone Star Staters that Texas ain’t out West: “Y’all keep Texas, we’ll stay out West / Somehow you’ve got yourself convinced, Texas is the best / Drink your Lone Star beer, we’ll drink microbrews / Y’all keep Texas, Texas for you.”

The CD comes with an official “Made in Montana” sticker on it, which should help make it an attractive for tourists looking to take home an inexpensive but high value souvenir this summer. It would also make a fine gift to send to your country-lovin’ Montana expatriate or service member.

With three guitar players (four if you count the excellent twang of Sandy Dodge on pedal steel), there’s not a lot of elbow room on most honky-tonk stages, but the band gets even bigger on the album with guests Mark Mattix on fiddle and Carol Buchanan on harmony vocals.

As usual, bassist Russ Olsen and drummer Johnny Regan each take a turn on lead vocals, proving their talents extend beyond the strong harmonies they provide throughout.

Jim Lewis was with the band for its last album, but splits lead guitar duties with newest member Marcus Engstrom, a Swedish immigrant and custom luthier.

To purchase a copy or two, visit CDBaby, iTunes, or go to, where you’ll find full album credits and lyrics for all three of their albums.


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