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3 recognized at EBMS

Marilyn Bartlett, chief financial officer for EBMS and a member of the EBMS Executive Committee, is the inaugural recipient of the Montana Society of CPAs Outstanding CPA in Business and Industry Award.

The award recognizes the achievements of certified public accountants employed in business, industry, nonprofit and government.

According to a news release issued by the MSCPA, Bartlett is a past-president and “much-loved” member of MSCPA, and received the award “because of the professionalism she has shown, as well as her many contributions to the profession.” The news release also said, “Very few CPAs are as respected or well-known by their peers as is Marilyn Bartlett.”

Reidun Johnston, a CPA from Missoula and chairman of the MSCPA Industry Group, said, “Marilyn is an inspiration to me and many others. She has forged the way as a leader in a profession that, until recently, didn’t have women leaders. She has made a difference for us all.”

Also at EBMS, Cheryl Lewis, a registered nurse and case manager, and Lori Buxbaum, a registered nurse and CareLink intake/coordinated care supervisor, both in the Case Management Program of the EBMS CareLink Department, have earned the Commission for Case Manager Certification credential, a news release said.

The CCM is the largest nationally accredited organization that certifies case managers, and is considered to be the most prestigious certification organization supporting the case management industry. Case managers at EBMS are CareLink nurses who act as patient advocates through an individualized program of care by providing advocacy services, such as: 1. Working with members and their physicians to assist in achieving treatment goals, thus ensuring that members receive the highest possible level of care;

2. Helping members navigate through the oftentimes complex and confusing maze of the healthcare system; and, 3) providing information needed to make prudent healthcare decisions. Both Lewis and Buxbaum have been with EBMS for more than two years.

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