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Kidney TRUST at MATE show


Sure, we might recall from high school anatomy that we have two of them, their function is to filter waste products and excess water from our blood, and that beloved staple of chili-making, the kidney bean, is named for its similarity in shape to the vital organ.

But when it comes to our own kidneys, how can we tell if they are truly doing an effective job of keeping us healthy? Thanks to new exhibitor, The Kidney TRUST, attendees of the 2013 Home and Health Expo will have the opportunity to ask just that.

The Kidney TRUST is an independent non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 by leading U.S. kidney care provider, DaVita Inc. It aims to benefit the 31 million Americans currently suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and was founded on the notion that “everyone should be empowered to take an active role in their health.”

The TRUST aims to assist in reducing the progression of CKD by providing free, rapid screening in non-medical settings across the country, as well as by providing financial assistance to those affected by the disease. “Kidney health is not something people think about,” said Program Developer Gloria Upchurch, “My goal, as program developer, is to educate as many people as we possibly can.”

What makes kidney health screening so important? According to Ms. Upchurch, “Out of the 31 million Americans with chronic kidney disease, only about 10 percent know they have it.” The Kidney TRUST has caught onset diabetes in several states where they have done past screenings, and the primary risk factors are nearly always present.

Before attendees have their blood drawn for screening, they are required to fill out a form indicating any potential risk factors such as family history, tobacco use and ethnicity. People with African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American descent are among the most susceptible.

Home and Health Expo attendees will find the Kidney TRUST at booth 634 in the Montana Pavilion. Kidney Screenings are absolutely free and take five to seven minutes to receive results.

, which may be shared with the patients’ primary physician. To learn more about the Kidney TRUST, visit and for more information about the Home and Health Expo, including a complete list of vendors,

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