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Recycle those beer bottles

Good Earth Market

The folks at Bayern Brewery in Missoula act on their responsibility to practice eco-friendly and sustainable business practices wherever possible. Since 2010, they have been attempting to reuse as many packaging and bottling materials as possible. Now you can participate!

At Good Earth Market, a $3 deposit gets you the Bayern Ecopack, a sturdy, waxed cardboard box. Fill the Ecopack with 24 qualifying bottles in four carriers and return to the Good Earth Market.

Pick up another Ecopack and fill it up again.

Bottle qualifications:

Must be standard brown 12-ounce bottles.

Must be in good condition.

Must be pry-off – no twists or threads.

Must not have any embossing on the bottle (brand names, etc.).

Your participation means less packaging ends up in the landfill, and you are helping to sustain our environment and help make Bayern Brewing one of the most sustainable breweries in our region.

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