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Skyview wins War of Walls

Nicolette Wallman and Karsyn Smith from Skyview High School are the winners of this year’s War of the Walls mural competition.

Voting was held on MasterLube’s Facebook page over the past week and a half. Skyview took the prize with a 1.4 percent margin of victory, edging out Senior High and Billings Central in second and third place, respectively. Wallman and Smith will be awarded a traveling trophy and bragging rights for the year.

The painting competition coincides with the annual Grad Day fundraising event for the high schools’ all-night, drug and alcohol-free graduation celebrations. This year’s fundraiser was May 17.

Each Billings and Laurel high school “adopted” a MasterLube location for the event and proceeds from that day will go towards that school’s graduation party fund.

Students also hold a barbecue and car wash and accept roadside donations.

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