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Literal Creation

While teaching in a Bible School in Hong Kong, an American student asked me if I believed in the literal 168 hour creation.  I told him yes and got a response as if I were mindless.  I did not have time to expound upon why I believed this, so after reading Mr. Jim Sutton’s letter( a great letter by the way!) of 8 December I decided to do it now.  I believe the inspired writings (in Hebrew are inerrant) and so I will start with Genesis.  Beresheeth (in the Beginning) and on the First day God said “Let there be light”: the light went out at the speed of light, or 3 x10  to the 8th power meters.  So we take 60 seconds times 60 minutes times 24 hours times 3x10 to the 8th power  which gives 432 x 10 to the 11th power of meters on day one.  Then God said on the second day and it went out at the speed of light as above. And, of course, at day three day one was 432 x 10 to the 11th x 2 while day two was at the same place as day one after the first day.  And so day three, four, five and six came and by then day one was 432 x 10 to the 11th power times 6.  The numbers are getting quite large but the point is that from God’s Perspective it was actually 6 days and we have to extrapolate using the 24 hour day.

But from the earths perspective the 168 hours at God’ point became 15.75 billion years at earth’s.. I believe day seven will arrive very soon.

By now some of you are saying or thinking this guy is full of pucky, but this time period correlates perfectly with the Genesis account and the true time elements of the earth.  This has been the controversy for many hundreds, if not thousands of years: the obvious aged things on earth  with 168 hours of creation thoughts.  It is the same if the earth sent out a radio signal it would arrive at some distant planet many light years later, but from earth’s perspective it was nearly instant.  “Time” and the Universe is purely relative……so.

So true science does not have any issues with the inspired writings.  There is a fine book, Redeeming Science, by Vern S. Poytress which goes to an in depth study of the correspondence of true science and the Word of God.  Also, Dr. Gerald L. Schroeder, a nuclear physicist, has a number of books that cover these very issues.  Those who are interested have my recommendation for these sources.

There is much speculation by non scientists, rational thinkers (that is using man’s reasoning to try to understand spiritual matters) and psuedo scientists arriving at really bizarre conclusions.  Mark Twain said science was a wonderful thing: an abundance of conclusions based upon a dirth of information.

I hope Mr. Sutton  and you, Mr. Clawson, that some light is shed upon this matter.

Keith Babcock

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