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Global warming not manmade

Dear Mr. Clawson:

Regarding your global warming column in the Feb. 2 Outpost: Are you serious? Your solutions to global warming are 1) to trash our Constitution (limit families to a single child) and 2) hope for volcanic eruptions to put particulate in the air to reflect sunlight back into space?

I guess a person has to actually believe in the ludicrous notion that global warming is manmade (man caused) in order to believe those are viable solutions. I don’t believe global warming is manmade, but I do believe our planet is warming ... naturally and purposefully. Here is why I believe as I do.

Since the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago the planet has been continually warming, thus melting the glaciers and ice caps to their current conditions. Has this warming process actually come to an end that should be causing global cooling by now, but instead of cooling we are actually experiencing further warming (man caused, of course) that is delaying the onset of the next ice age?

If your answer is “Yes,” then when was the warming process suppose to have actually ended and the cooling process supposed to have begun? You can’t answer “Yes, 10,000 ago” and still blame global warming on humans and the industrial revolution, which began only several hundred years ago.

My answer is that we are close to that meteorological turning point and there is nothing we can do to either delay or hurry its arrival. Here is my reasoning, aptly provided by the National Geographic Society through the National Geographic Magazine.

The August 2010 edition of the magazine contains an article about the Blue Holes of the Bahamas. All were created over millions of years by continual 400-foot fluctuations in sea level resulting from constant global warming and cooling cycles that fluctuate through a complete cycle every 125,000 years or so. The only explanation in the article of the causes of the sea level fluctuations is from a caption to the graph: “Sea levels fell when Pleistocene ice sheets far to the north expanded, then rose as the ice melted.”

Goodness gracious me, did the National Geographic Society actually just acknowledge that the polar ice sheets have been continually melting and refreezing for millions of years? If so, how can we reasonably claim that global warming is now manmade and that there is anything we can do to slow or reverse it?

Reasonable people will agree there is sufficient evidence to conclude the planet is warming. Information proving that the sea level is constantly fluctuating will also lead reasonable people to conclude that the warming we are now experiencing will someday end and be replaced by a natural global cooling period lasting for many thousands of years. Since the graph of sea level fluctuations also indicates that we are rapidly approaching the highest point of sea level rise, perhaps we should be focusing our concerns and scientific attentions on what to do about the approaching ice age (perhaps 10,000 years in the future, if not sooner) instead of following Al Gore’s snake oil view of nature and the future.

Patrick J. Hoy



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