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A modest proposal

A modest proposal: Congress, you can do something by simply doing nothing. I, for one, would be happy for you to sit on your hands and allow ALL the Bush tax cuts to expire. This alone will make $3.3 trillion (Congressional Budget Office) available for rebuilding our infrastructure (education, energy, roads, rural broadband).

Tax dollars from ALL of us to help save our county will be more than returned in the form of jobs. These dollars also will be more than returned in the increased spending on our country and our future rather than being squirreled away in offshore bank accounts or invested in offshore ventures.

We are in this together and ALL of us want/need to participate. If an uncontrollable urge persists for tax cuts then we could construct a NEW temporary tax cut bill for, say, the middle class and allow current politicians to vote their conscience (and we could watch them vote, hopefully, FOR us so we in turn could vote for them).

Carl Brenden



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