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Nothing for veterans

I would like to respond to Karolin Loendorf’s letter dated Feb. 24 in The Billings Gazette in regards to [U.S. Rep. Denny] Rehberg supporting veterans’ interests. I disagree 100 percent. Rehberg has done nothing for veterans of Montana.

If it wasn’t for Sen. [Jon] Tester, Montana veterans would not have the badly needed new Veterans Clinics in Billings, Cut Bank, Lewistown and Libby and a new Veterans Center in Great Falls and Kalispell. Sen. Tester also voted to increase the mileage for veterans’ health care.

What has Rehberg done? Nothing. Oh, I forgot, he voted against the $250 payment to seniors, against extending jobless benefits, against middle class tax cuts, against the school nutrition meals along with many other bills pertaining to veterans, seniors, low-income families and child care.

Where was Rehberg when Montana veterans needed to talk to him about things that matter to veterans like health issues?

Rehberg is only interested in big oil companies and the big pharmaceutical companies.

I wrote several letters to find out why he sleeps in his office instead of a motel or apartment and got no answer. He is too damn cheap, and another thing I would like to know if he wasn’t drunk, why did he get in the boat with a drunk and go 40 mph across a lake at night without any lights?

Rehberg was either awful damn drunk or awful damn stupid.

We need to keep Sen. Tester in the Senate.

Ron Kuneff



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