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We all make mistakes

The other day I was in a business and walked past the owner and an officer. I overheard the owner say, “Parents will tell him, ‘My child would never do anything like that.’”

I would have to say, “I would hope my child knows better than to do that.” Being realistic, what we hope our children do and what a child does are two different things. I have done several things I have known better than to do and I am sure I will do more things about which I should know better.

Several reasons come to mind: carelessness, not thinking, some routine chore you forget a step from, or showing off to friends. All these things do not make it right or ok, but hopefully someone learned from it.

The old saying, “Show me someone who never made a mistake and I will show you someone who has never done anything,” is still true. But I would hope people would learn. We were not infallible and neither will our children be. We can just teach them to know better, or learn from our mistakes.

Lauris Byxbe

Pompeys Pillar


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