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Cebull should study history

The predicament of Chief District Judge Richard Cebull caused by blind hatred is not going to go away and it is not a simple mistake. I have no doubt that Judge Cebull has had an excellent education in law but it appears that he may have slept through his American history classes.

I believe that after he resigns or is impeached that it would be prudent for him to use his new leisure time to go back to school and have another round of United States history. He may gain the knowledge that there are millions of United States citizens who have mixed blood caused by the practice of slavery.

Also he may learn that there was a Civil War ending in 1865 with a half-million casualties and the emancipation of the slaves. However, their freedom has been jeopardized for almost 150 years by the Ku Klux Klan, unjust laws and prejudice.

As a former teacher, I would also suggest besides the regular study of United States history, that he read and be inspired by the biographies of Frederick Douglass, American abolitionist, orator and author, and also American reformer and educator Booker T. Washington, who started the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and was honored with degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College. They can be found in all encyclopedias and public libraries.

Judge Cebull has stepped on a lot of toes!

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