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Money talks

In almost every department of our city, county, state, federal, college, and school district offices, at the end of every fiscal year, any money that is left over, in most cases, is spent on things that are not needed (luxury items). Department heads are not required to return the unused money back to the general fund so don’t do it.

Let us say that one half of that amount could be given to the employees as a bonus (if they qualify). the other half goes back to the federal government to help retire the national debt. Only next year’s budget could be cut, making each department more efficient.

All the employees in each department would then become a watchdog for their department. then they could all say, “Hey, guy, put that pencil/pen back. You are walking out with part of my bonus.”

For instance, if there were 50 million employees walking out with a 5 cent pen or pencil (a small item), this would amount to $1.25 million. Perhaps this could go a long way in retiring the national debt and reduce our high taxes to maintain our schools, city, county, federal and state branches.

W.T. George



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