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Voting for Tooley

The June 5 primary election may not seem important, but for this year’s primary the candidates are varied and known. Your voting decision will decide which candidate gets the chance to enter the final election Nov. 6 to compete. The choice is seriously up to you in the primary election to determine who even gets on the ballot for the Public Service Commission.

Your utility rates are at stake!

Chuck Tooley has entered the race to run for the Public Service Commission for District 2. He has been in training for the PSC position all his business career. He has actual on-the-job experience in many areas governed by the Public Service Commission.

You probably remember Chuck as mayor of Billings conducting courteous council proceedings. He was the longest-serving mayor and directly regulated the Public Utilities Division, making his decisions on behalf of citizens. Chuck has additional job experience in fields of communication and energy, as well.

Chuck’s qualifications are exactly the ones required for a smooth, courteous PSC sessions, which until this time have not been accomplished.  Citizen’s interests cannot be preserved when there is personal rancor among governing members.

Do not miss this opportunity to put Chuck Tooley on the ballot for Montana Public Service Commissioner in District 2 in the June 5 primary election. This vote could be the most important! Chuck has your interests at heart - let’s be sure he’s on the ballot.

Bonnie Eldredge



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