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Thanks for show

Some friends and I had dinner downtown, walked to the Babcock Theater and attended the last concert of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company on Friday evening, April 27. True to form, the quartet of Montana musicians, comedians, political satirists and humanitarians pleased and warmed the hearts of the sold-out crowd.

After performing for 38 years, the group still has its magic. It was a wonderful night of spice, song, silliness and soul that lit up the Babcock Theater.

The members are still best friends. They can still make us laugh at ourselves. They can pick up The Billings Gazette and read the titles of the newspaper’s major articles and make us realize our human foibles. They still are connected to Rocky Mountain College where they met each other back in 1967. In fact, the proceeds from the concert will go towards establishing the Montana Logging and Ballet Company Arts Scholarship at Rocky Mountain College. That kind of generosity has been a hallmark of their work, i.e., in 1991 when they brought Archbishop Desmond Tutu to Helena and raised a million dollars in one night to fund college scholarships for South Africans and Native Americans.

It was Bob Fitzgerald in the final moments of the concert who said goodbye for the group. Bob had brought them back to his hometown for their swan song. Our families were next-door neighbors back in the 1950s on Spruce Street and he made me laugh way back then. Poignantly, he said to the audience, “It isn’t the next leader who will make things better. It isn’t a new political group that can change things. It is only us, each of us, individually who can.”

And so it is, four humble, talented Montanans can make all the difference in the world.

Thanks, Montana Logging and Ballet Company.

Sally McIntosh



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