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Vote for Democrats

If you are a veteran, senior citizen, a college student, a middle class citizen, on Medicare or Medicaid and are concerned about the economy, you had better be thinking about the party who is going to help you out, starting with President Obama, Sen. [Jon] Tester, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, all the state and county offices, the state Senate and state House of Representatives.

The Republican Party hasn’t done anything for the veterans, senior citizens, college students, the middle class American. They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and student loans.

The Republicans are trying to break up the unions and make this state a right-to-work state. You can see what happened in Wisconsin after the last election.

We have three classes of citizens now: the real rich class, the middle class and the poor. If the Republicans get in office, there will be only two classes of citizens: the real rich and the real poor.

I know a few rich Democrats, but I don’t know any poor Republicans. I hope all you Democratic and Independent voters will join me and vote for all the Democratic candidates.

Ron Kuneff



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