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Swear allegiance to people

Just curious. Is Ms. [Kathy] Galbraith (letter to the editor, May 10) aware that not one of our “founding fathers” ever pledged allegiance to the flag? The Constitution was ratified in 1788. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892, 104 years later, by the Christian socialist (that’s right, “socialist”) Francis Bellamy, primarily for the purpose of selling American flags to public schools. (An envious marketing success, by the way.) “Under God” was added in 1954.

Also, worthy of note: Of the seven “founding fathers,” six were Deists, not Christians (sorry, different God). Only John Jay claimed to be a Christian, while Jefferson amused himself revising the Bible to his own liking.

Also, has it ever occurred to Ms. Galbraith that, as a Christian, she is commanded by the Bible to swear no oaths? Consider James 5:12 and Matthew 5:34.

When one pledges allegiance to anything, person or institution or ideology, one submits to that authority and relinquishes his/her freedom to that authority. Can you truly value freedom, and willingly submit to authority at the same time? And, when one swears allegiance to two or more authorities, which one takes precedence when there are discrepancies? And there will be discrepancies.

Finally, please consider this novel notion: In a TRULY FREE NATION, logic would dictate that the government swear its allegiance to the people, not the other way around. The first essential element of fascism is that the interests of the state take precedence over the interests of the citizen. 

Elliot Smith



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