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Vote out Rehberg

It is interesting but not surprising how these old retreads con the voters into thinking they are indispensable to good government, even though their conservative and constitutional voting record is barely above 25 percent.

I don’t think Rep. Denny Rehberg has ever seen a spending bill he didn’t like, especially if it’s for more war and expanding the Empire. Did you know we have 1,100 military bases in 68 countries and 31 surrounding Iran? We need to vote him out on June 5.

Why? Because he voted for the “Nazis” Patriot Act, “Nazis” Military Commissions Act, the “Nazis” Real ID bill and the Patriot Act renewal. I call them Nazis, because they are all patterned after Hitler’s Nazi dictatorial government.

But that evidently didn’t knock the Fourth Amendment out enough for Denny, so he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the president power to kidnap U.S. citizens off the street for indefinite detention without due process of law. In other words, if he wants to shut you up, you will just disappear.

Plus, the bill included nearly $700 billion for more war (killing, maiming, of mostly women and children and destruction) in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.

What have these people (countries) ever done to us? That doesn’t seem to matter to 90 percent of our Congress, especially our Senate.

All these yes votes were in violation of his oath of office and yet he wants to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

On June 5 vote for Dennis Teske, a man who will take his oath of office seriously. It’s all about freedom and liberty!

Arthur Hollowell



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