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Re-elect Jon Tester

As Montanans, aware of how important agriculture is in our economy, we are fortunate to have Sen. Jon Tester, an intelligent and hardworking farmer, representing us in the U.S. Senate.

I have known him since 1988, when he chaired the Democratic state platform committee on agriculture. His knowledge and concern for the problems of farmers and small business in Montana impressed me then.

His leadership impressed his colleagues in the Montana Senate when they elected him president of the Senate. In the U.S. Senate he has been appointed to several important committees, including Veterans’ Affairs, Appropriations, Banking, Homeland Security and Indian Affairs. A former school board member, he has always supported better public education.

Jon keeps in close touch with his neighbors and constituents in Montana, making frequent trips back to his farm near Big Sandy, talking with individuals and groups. Like a neighbor you can know and trust, Jon Tester talks honestly about his stand on the issues important to people of Montana. We need to re-elect him to the Senate.

Ruth Carrington Birch



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