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Moss for PSC

Lynda Moss has been a tireless champion in the Montana Senate for the past eight years for causes that make Montana a great place to live. The majority of the legislation Lynda sponsored had strong bipartisan support. Examples of the legislation include: mandatory alcohol server training as a strategy to address DUI in Montana, long-term care in the Older Montanan’s Act requiring accountability for long-term care by the Department of Health and Human Services, and streamlining municipal court systems.

The Public Service Commission’s decisions affect each and every one of us in Montana. Choosing the best person to keep our interests as the first priority is crucial. Lynda has demonstrated her ability to work with all residents from Southeast Montana. She is tireless in wanting to know the issues important to voters. Her top priority is to keep utility rates affordable.

Lynda was on the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, which prepared her for the work of the Public Service Commission. She earned the respect of her fellow legislators because of her strong communication skills and knowledge of what is good for Montana now and in the future.

We need Lynda to represent District 2 on the Public Service Commission.

Judy Bryngelson



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