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Asking for write-in votes

Right now, there is no Republican on the ballot for clerk of the Montana Supreme Court. The only way we can get one there is by write-in campaign. My name is Bowen Greenwood, and I’m trying to get that done.

The Clerk of Supreme Court manages the court’s docket, processes papers filed there by attorneys, and more. It’s a position of humble public service; that appeals to me. I’m a lifelong Montanan, born here to a family that has been here for generations. I’ve worked in Republican politics for years. I love Montana, I believe strongly in less government and lower taxes, and I am asking for your support and your write-in vote.

All Republicans are strengthened by having a full ticket. If we can get our candidate on the ballot for this office in November, Republicans all the way down the line will do better. In very close legislative races, it could make the difference!

If you are willing to support this effort, here’s what to do:

1. When voting your Republican primary ballot, you will come to the office of Clerk of the Supreme Court with a blank line under it.

2. On that line, write in “Bowen Greenwood.”

3. Fill in the oval next to the line. Your vote won’t count otherwise!

4. Tell all your friends and family. Spread the word via e-mail, Facebook, twitter, or word of mouth.

5. Visit to learn more.

Bowen Greenwood



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