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Voting for Moss

I want to say some things in favor of Lynda Moss and her run for the Public Service Commission. Brad Molnar is leaving, and he is leaving an expanse of blood and feathers, which is a scene far too familiar in modern politics where simple cooperation is denounced as treachery. The PSC is now a depleted and mistrusted institution that is so abused that it will need a great deal of expert help to refocus on its mandated goals.

Lynda Moss was trailed for some time by a crew of backers who wanted her to take a swing at the job and continue her service to our state. After eight years in the Senate she was termed out. In the Senate she served as the majority whip and on the Energy and Telecommunications Committee. Lynda’s opponent was employed by a regulated utility company while Lynda is employed and represents the people of Montana.

One other thing I would like to mention, Lynda was the director of the Western Heritage Center and any person who is deeply conversant in our history will add generously to the job at hand. Just look at the great improvements that were made to the center under Lynda’s direction.

I believe a good deal of care should be taken in choosing a successor for this office. The oil boom is coming, finances will mount into the billions and some will be spent on influencing politicians – tell me that is not true. The citizens of our state need a strong person to present our case and I suggest Lynda. She is quite small, but strong in the saddle.

T.J. Starr



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