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Charter schools are issue.

I was just wondering when the government started paying for private tuition for charter/private schools? In fact some parents who put their children in these school feel that they are owed something because a great  percentage of their property taxes are taken for education.

As a home schooling parent in the beginning of that movement I paid school taxes for year with nothing to0 gain. In fact in the early days our children were denied any services whatsoever. The only thing that costs an individual schools the state payments per student, which, of course, is never refunded to the home schooling parents.

One wonders where that money goes. Also, if public funds are diverted into these private and charter schools, why can’t  the less fortunate students get their tuition paid just like the students in those alternative schools? If, in fact, that is ever factual.

One also might why there are so many charter and private and Christian schools opening as well as the swelling number of home schoolers. Could it be the atmosphere of the government schools or the fact that some schools are teaching things that contradict what the parents are trying to teach their children?

Free schools? Seems that the free educational system costs taxpayers hundreds of billions nationwide every year. That seems not to be the definition of free. Maybe for those not paying property taxes it might be “free.”

I have had the opportunity to travel much of the world and these countries have tuition based systems so that all parents who have children in schools pay an equal share.

 In some nations, if the parents cannot pay than the child cannot go to school. That is not right either.  If a family is truly indigent then public money could be used to underwrite qualified students. But it may well be the time for parents in this country to begin paying tuition. I know this is not a popular idea but we need  to change something.

Perhaps the people are trying to send a message when the levies fail.

Keith Babcock



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