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When life begins

Several weeks ago a gentleman wrote a letter indicating that the bill to declare that human life begins at conception was, as liberal convoluted thinking decided, a War on Women. It is difficult to understand why not agreeing with aborting a fetus is warring against women; seems like it is war against the fetus or those people not yet born.

In my first four years of college, my major was biological science including embryology. The scientific definition of life is incumbent upon growth and reproduction. When two gametes, incapable of sustaining life independently, but still very viable, come together and combine their  genetic material that ovum immediately begins to replicate itself and grow into a blastula. If it were not alive, that would not happen.

This fertilized ovum now has all of the genetic material to determine who and what that individual will be. It is a ridiculous argument to state that life begins in the second trimester or even the first, because if the embryo were not alive there would be no trimesters. 

In my first year attending Michigan University one of the instructors indicated that the theory of ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny explained the evolutionary process. That is to say that an individual in its development repeats  the history of the race.

So evolutionarily speaking, a human baby goes from a single cell (like an amoeba) to a multi-cell organism to a complex lower life form to reptile and so forth until finally, amazingly, out pops, after nine months of traversing all of the life forms, a human baby. Even though this silly doctrine has been discredited for many years, its concepts still color evolutionists and “family” planning circles and even in some residual colleges.

If our leaders are not smart enough (they are, but they have an agenda) they are not qualified to lead. If they pretend to  not know when human life  begins then the only ones they are fooling are themselves. A good dose of common sense needs to be injected.

Keith Babcock



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