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Not a proud record

To senators and editors:

I want to express my disgust with the biased nature of your representation of Montana in Washington, D.C. It makes no sense to me that you chastise the Postal Service for making a business decision in an effort to consolidate rural post offices for fiscal reasons, yet the Senate has yet to pass a budget in more than 1,080 days. The budget to operate the federal government is the PRIMARY responsibility of the Senate, yet under the leadership (or lack thereof) of Harry Reid, the Senate has done nothing of merit in nearly three years. Is that a record to be proud of?

The Postal Service, to its credit, needs to make some tough decisions and cut costs to meet fiscal budgets. These business decisions are needed to maintain the health of a business, which the Postal Service has been expected to do as outlined by Congress. Postal Service executives have (no doubt) performed studies where best to make cost cutting measures to meet their fiscal budgets; yet you two fail to understand the bigger picture.  Either supplement the Postal Service with additional taxpayer dollars (which I am not in favor of) or allow the Postal Service to meet the goals and objectives outlined in its mission and serve the public as a business. You can’t have it both ways.

The Senate was more than happy to bail out the auto industry and Wall Street at the expense of the stockholders, bond holders, taxpayers and political correctness, and not allow the existing bankruptcy laws to be followed. Now the Senate does not wants to enable the Postal Service to do what legislation directs it to do, act fiscally responsible. The Postal Service is attempting to make prudent business decisions in efforts to decreased the hemorrhaging of costs; yet you two fail to understand how managers with fiscal responsibility to operate a business need to make sacrifices where necessary for the health of their organization.

The failure of the federal government to carry through with commitments seems to run deep. My wife and kids began to collect the newly minted President $1 coins and 25 cent state coins for their collections. We now learn the Treasury Department is not completing this program and banks can’t get the newly minted dollar coins. These coins are now only available at inflated costs beyond the face value from the U.S. Mint.

This is another example of where the government is failing to fulfill its commitments with a program it began. With the Postal Service there is an objective based of fiscal need; this is not true with the Treasury Department and the $1 coin.

Sam Miller



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