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Stop micro unions

Imagine a workplace where each department is represented by a unique and independent union which each individually negotiates collective bargaining agreements separate from the others. It’s a workplace filled with conflict between departments, and an employer wrapped up in reams of red tape as he tries to negotiate with multiple unions. Not only does this situation sound wholly inefficient, it’s just plain ludicrous.

But this very situation can now exist on account of a new regulatory action by the National Labor Relations Board. Ignoring decades of thoughtful, bipartisan precedent, the Democratic-leaning board rammed through these new rules, which do not benefit the workers or employees, only Big Labor.

A regional NLRB director in New York City recently approved a micro-union application for employees at an NY retailer allowing the formation of separate unions for employees in the second floor Designer Shoe Department and in the fifth floor Contemporary Shoe Department. It may sound ridiculous, but this department store now has two separate unions representing employees doing nearly identical tasks.

Imagine the detrimental impact this could have on Montana employers if they suddenly are forced to negotiate with numerous bargaining units within one workplace. It will divide the workplace and add miles of new red tape which will further stunt job growth.

We can still fix this mistake, as recently new legislation to repeal the regulation was brought in the U.S. Senate, although Sen. Jon Tester, despite the obvious harm caused to Montana, has remained silent. Clearly, the millions he received from Big Labor have bought his allegiance.

This November we’ve got to send someone to D.C. who will stand up for Montana’s best interests.

Ervin Hanks



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