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Ignoring climate change

The U.S. is experiencing extreme weather and giant fires to the extent that in just one week of this summer, 2,500 weather-related records were broken. Still, the meteorologists hardly dare mention “climate change,” and certainly not “manmade climate change.”

The Heartland Institute’s 25-year mission, funded by the likes of ExxonMobil, has done its dirty work well. Seventy percent of Republicans now believe mankind’s excessive production of carbon has nothing to do with climate change. The Democrats simply don’t talk about it.  Broadcasting corporations invented “clean coal,” and they stand firmly with fossil fuel corporations.

In Montana, both of our senators support further development of fossil fuel and the Keystone XL pipeline. Even Obama quivers in the face of big energy. Our Yellowstone County commissioners don’t object to 60 trains a day through Billings; instead they pass a resolution in support of fossil fuel development “for jobs and American’s energy security,” they all say.

No one seems to notice that the energy produced will go directly into the world market, ending up mostly in China and India, where it will rapidly become part of our earth’s atmosphere, causing even more deadly weather. Do they really think that the oil giants would willingly give the U.S. some kind of a break?

This situation is the Montana Mistral, the cold wind from the north, bringing death. But it is not politically correct to talk about it.  Where has all the courage gone? Away with the melting glaciers.

Joan Hurdle



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