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What about public interest?

Businesses complain about “uncertainty,” but they are just sitting on a trillion dollars instead of investing it in the future of the nation. They could take a chance and hire a few people with all that money. After all, thousands of Americans have given their lives to our country in wars, with no certainty of living through it. Now businesses demand “certainty” in order to invest in the future of this nation? Who has “certainty?” Do you? I don’t.

And, not only do they want “certainty,” but they attack the Environmental Protection Agency and want regulations rolled back as well, so they can pollute to any extent they think “necessary.”

The idea of “tax reform,” while really needed, makes me cringe, because nearly every effort at tax reform in the past has resulted in more tax breaks for those who can afford to make large contributions to elections. That is what complicates the tax code.

Now 1 percent of the population owns nearly everything and they are buying up foreclosed homes like greedy grizzlies. Coal companies are eyeing public lands. Corporations are taking over public schools. There is even the intention of privatizing postal service!

In this era of corporatizing everything, whatever happened to the concepts of “the public interest” and “the common good?” Gone with the melting glaciers.

Joan Hurdle


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