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Elect Bushman

It is important that we elect Kirk Bushman to the Public Service Commission. Kirk graduated from Billings Central High School, has an engineering degree from Montana State University Bozeman and for many years has worked on team projects locally, across the U.S. and throughout the world.

Kirk’s dad, the late Don Bushman, was a career employee at the Cenex refinery in Laurel. Kirk also worked at the refinery every summer during his college years. His education and background provide a balanced approach to the work of the PSC.

I served eight years on the Billings City Council with his opponent, Mayor Chuck Tooley, and found Chuck to be polite, cordial and easy to work with. However, my experience with our mayor and council was generally limited to watching a group trying to find ways to increase revenue for Billings rather than finding ways to reduce the budget. Looking for ways to increase revenue for the government without regard for the taxpayer is not the experience I want for our commissioner.

In addition, Chuck’s degree is in theater arts, and his energy/environmental work involved former Vice President Gore’s programs. I don’t believe that his education and background would give District 2 consumers the same balanced approach Kirk would provide.

If you elect Kirk Bushman to the Montana PSC, you will have a elected a commissioner who understands the needs of the consumer, has a rational approach to energy development and knows what is needed to protect the environment.

Shirley Girard McDermott


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