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Vote Romney-Ryan

I am compelled to write as we approach the most critical election in this nation’s history since World War II.

In light of the uprisings and Embassy attacks in the Middle East since 9-11-12, the “blame” game has continued by the current administration. They blamed it on an obscure YouTube short video. They could have easily blamed Obama since his speech in Cairo in 2009, promising to close Gitmo in January 2010. Heck, he ordered it closed with his own words to us, “Gitmo will be closed,” and noting happened. His first presidential verbal order and it fell flat. Leadership ’09?.

The polls show that Obama’s approval ratings on foreign policy dropped after 9-11-12. Right now U.S. Navy Seals are dropping like flies too: Three since Osama Bin Laden was taken out about a year ago.

The Democratic National Convention omitted “God” and “Jerusalem” from their platform and stumbled badly after they somewhat voted to replace them.

They honored U.S. veterans with pictures of Russian naval warships on their big screen TV behind those honored vets. Worst DNC convention ever. Mistake or insult?

Obama would rather go on David Letterman and meet with the president of Egypt than to meet with the PM of Israel and mingle with Beyonce. He’ll probably be the first U.S. president never to visit Israel while he holds this office.

If you want all liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices, then Obama’s your choice. You are going to be shocked when you see who Obama is going to pardon when he leaves office too. It’s a coin toss if our troops will have their votes counted this time, but the Department of Defense isn’t making it easy for them to vote this time, either.

If you don’t give Romney-Ryan a chance, it’s going to be your fault this time. The fate of our county is in your hands, too. There might not be another one anytime later.

J. Mironack


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