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Backing Bucy

I met Pam Bucy for the first time at a women’s meeting in Missoula. She spoke about seeking to become attorney general at November’s election. She impressed me as being the most intelligent woman I have ever met, and when she talked about the law, it was obvious she had so much experience in the field already. If the attorney general is Montana’s top cop and top lawyer, Pam is the woman for the job. She has already been there, working in the Attorney General’s office. I like to listen to people speak. I love politicians who can get me to cheer, but Pam, I just stood back in awe. As she spoke about the position, I had to admire her sheer knowledge of the field. Only experience can speak that way. She won my confidence, my respect, and admiration that day, and in November she has already won my vote.

Marilyn J. Ellis


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