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Vote for seniority

As a third-generation Montanan whose family homesteaded in Loesch, I look at the long term when deciding how to cast my vote. I am surprised that Denny Rehberg decided to throw away a six-term seniority in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 12 years, he had finally gotten onto the powerful Congressional Appropriations Committee.

In six years, Sen. Tester scored five committee appointments important to Montana: Senate Appropriations, Indian Affairs, Veterans’ Affairs, Homeland Security, and Banking where he chairs the Economic Policy Subcommittee.

Add it up and you’ll see that a Rehberg win would wipe out 18 years of cumulative seniority in the Montana delegation and remove the one bona fide farmer in the Senate.

Montana is a small population state with only three people to represent us. We need senators and a congressperson who will work tirelessly for Montana. And we must think long term and maintain Montana’s influence in Congress. A vote FOR Tester is a vote FOR Seniority.

Mark Mackin


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