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Vote for Democrats

The Sept. 27 issue of the Outpost was fascinating! The front-page story by Sharie Pyke, about the Democratic candidate for governor, Steve Bullock was well done. Steve expressed a willingness to work with both parties and noted specific collaborative bills that passed. It showed his genuine spirit of cooperation.

In contrast, on the letters page, there were letters from Shirley McDermott, Jim Reno, Roy Brown, and Brad Johnson that illustrated perfectly the Republican anti-environmental protection, anti-regulation, pro-corporate attitudes of the New Republican Party! They won’t cooperate with anybody. Just like Congress.

In Billings, we must elect Wanda Grinde and other Democrats to the Montana Senate. I hope the good people of the Heights in Billings will all vote for her because Wanda understands the dangers of unregulated corporate campaign contributions to political campaigns.

The last Montana Legislature that met in Helena in January 2011, was dominated by right wing extremists who were advised by ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nationwide organization of international corporations who work with conservative legislators all over the country to introduce new laws in state legislatures.

These are bad laws designed to reduce corporate regulation, suppress voting, privatize schools, gut environmental protections and further reduce gun restrictions. Nationwide more than 200 of these laws have passed, including the “Stand your ground” law, as well as several voting restriction laws.

We need to be very careful to elect Montana legislators who will stand up to that extremist corporate agenda. This November election is not a good time to split your vote. Vote for all Democrats this time!

Joan Hurdle


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