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We can trust Tooley

I am sure we are tired and frustrated with all the political attack ads in the media and look forward to voting and putting election day behind us.

That’s why this is not an attack letter. I am writing in support of Chuck Tooley, who is running for Public Service commissioner. Chuck is a man of professionalism, objectivity, intelligence and integrity. As Billings’ longest serving mayor, Chuck was an example of level-headed leadership under challenging conditions.

As mayor, he was directly involved in regulating the Public Utilities Division. He understands energy issues. One of his sterling qualities is being able to evaluate all the facts from all sides in a professional, calm and fair manner.

Chuck Tooley doesn’t hold the record of Billings’ longest serving mayor by accident. Voters believed in him because they trusted and respected him and his expertise. It is a breath of fresh air to know that, as Montana residents and consumers, we can truly trust Chuck Tooley to protect and represent us.

The Public Service Commission is a five-member board that regulates private utilities such as electric, telephone, gas, sewer and water companies. The PSC has been in the headlines recently due to dissension amongst its commissioners. Chuck Tooley is the right choice for professional, calm, fair leadership of the PSC.

I have known Chuck Tooley for over 28 years. Let’s not miss our opportunity to elect Chuck Tooley on Nov. 6, 2012.

Nancy Swanson


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