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Compromise needed

I’ve listened to the debates and seen the ads. It is clear that Republicans want to tank all environmental regulations, all safety regulations, and all regulations to protect citizens from disastrous actions by corporations. Republican candidates say all of this is necessary to promote jobs. “Get the government out of the way.”

The vision of these Republican candidates is not a vision of America that I want.

I don’t want an America where the air is so polluted more people die of respiratory disease and all of us suffer.

I don’t want an America where the water is so polluted that our lakes and streams are barren and deadly.

I don’t want an America where safety rules are so lax that unavoidable injuries to workers and citizens multiply exponentially.

I don’t want an America where most people don’t have health insurance and if you are unlucky enough to get sick or injured, you either file bankruptcy or go without.

I don’t want an America where corporations are so powerful that people are discarded and taken advantage of all the time.

Sure, every business could make more money if they did not have any pesky environmental or safety regulations to worry about. But that is not right. We can have a balance.

A large part of the history of growth in this great country has more often been accomplished through persistent, acceptable compromise. Most often it keeps us living, working, playing together and going forward.

Jack Johnson


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