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After listening to all the political ads most of the summer, there are six words I find lacking in our society. The six words are: morality, ethics, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility. The only way to teach these concepts is by action, example or doing them. By watching our government, politicians, business, news media or any programs, none of these ideals is even represented.

It’s despicable.

Our government tries to legislate by making regulations and laws that take away our freedoms to try other ideas or methods. Our business community seems to barely have one iota of respect for nature or individuals. Big business is after profits at any cost.

Our media portray lifestyles which would repulse our grandparents and even make modern individuals question to what extent Hollywood will push the limits of morality to make a buck.

The only way to teach or enforce these principles is to  perform them. All the lectures, studies and regulations are useless without the scaffolding of an example to follow.

Any change starts with one person, YOU or ME.

Lauris Byxbe

Pompeys Pillar

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